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We believe that a bathroom is only as good as what’s underneath it. So, whether your customer is looking for a modern or traditional finish they need a quality base that outlasts the tiles around it.

That’s what they get with Universal Shower Base products.

Whether they are looking for a standard size or custom design, with Universal you can help them make the best decision in creating a solid and stylish bathroom.

With these easy steps you and your customers
will be on your way:

  1. Start by choosing the shower bases: standard and custom sizes
  2. Then select the appropriate waste outlets: centre and rear outlets plus channel grates
  3. Finish off with a niche: standard and custom sizes
  4. Then it’s time for the tiles and taps
  5. Start installing: woohoo!

Universal Shower Base is proudly Australian Made and Owned; all of our products are designed and manufactured right here in Victoria, Australia. We’ve been supporting Australians to build functional, quality showers for over 20 years.


Our products are available from bathroom retailers across Australia.

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